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Taris Raisins Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union
Sultana Raisins Associations which was established in 1934 formed the basis of TARIS RAISINS AGRICULTURAL SALES COOPERATIVES UNION. The cooperatives of the union spread across the Aegean Region, which is located in the Western Part of Turkey.
Taris Cotton and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union
TARIS Cotton and Oil Seeds Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union is the biggest one among the four TARIS Unions using the common name TARIS. It is the biggest cooperative union of the cotton sector in Turkey with its 44 cooperatives, more than 43.000 partners and approximately 2500 employees in 7 provinces of The Aegean Region.
Taris Figs Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Unions
TARIS FIG UNION was established in 1915 by the fig growers of Aydın Region in Aegean Region in Western Anatolia, Turkey, living in (Büyük Menderes River) (Meandros River of the antiquity) and Küçük Menderes River valleys in the Western Anatolia earn their living through cultivating figs and there are 15 cooperative societies of TARIS FIG UNION in this region providing service to fig growers.