Integrated Sultana Raisins Plant

TARİŞ Integrated Sultana Raisins Plant is founded on 56 thousand meter square area in Alaşehir. Our establishment has reached to the product process capability of 45.000 ton on a year basis through the investments made in recent years. In addition to high level of treatment capacity, our establishment is regarded as one of the important establishments of the world in dried fruit sector through is advanced technologic plants and ISO 9000- ISO 22000 and BRC food certificates it holds.


  Name of Product Anual Capacity  
  Sultanas 45.000  m/t  

Vinegar-Raisin Juice Concentrate Plant

Our Vinegar-Raisin Juice Concentrate Plant, which began its activities in 1960/İzmir, was modernized in 2003 and expanded its production capacity and transferred to Alaşehir. Our Plant, which carries out production activities in hygienic conditions through stainless steel machinery and equipment, modern storage units and stock tanks, is situated on 16 thousand meter square area.

Production quality realized in our Plant has been registered with TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System.


  Name of Product Anual Capacity  
  Vinegar 4.320  m/t  
  Raisin Juice Concentrate 500  m/t  
  Turnip Juice 1.024  m/t  
  Lemon Sauce 1.485  m/t  
  Apple Vinegar 925  m/t  
  Pomegranate Sauce 60  m/t  
  Lemon Flavored Vinegar 80  m/t  
  Pickle Juice 100  m/t  
  Total 8.494  m/t  


  Name of Warehouse Capacity  
  Kemalpasa Warehouse 30.000  m/t  
  Cooperative Warehouses 51.158  m/t  
  Total 81.158  m/t